An open letter to pediatric heart surgeons

The first time we met, we shook hands.

Hands. Something one never gives much thought to, until that moment when a parent shakes yours.

Your hands are the…

Hands that save lives;

Hands that perform the work of miracles;

Hands that don’t shake or falter;

Hands that carry the strength and weight of the world;

Hands that never tire;

Hands that are steady and measured;

Hands that have comforted families in time of desperate need;

Hands whose job is never done;

Hands that saved my child’s life.

Before I knew you, I lived in blissful ignorance enveloped in the small problems of life that one has without perspective, pretending you didn’t exist. But you do exist, and because of you, I’m able to spend precious moments with my child that otherwise would be lost.

You’ve made my family whole, even when my child’s heart is not.

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Finding out your child has CHD

My son was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome a short 48 hours after birth and I went from a feeling of absolute bliss to total devastation and shock.

Watch this short video to hear what it’s like when you find out that your child has been diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

Attending ICU Rounds

ICU rounds becomes just another part of your new hospital life and can be one of the single-most important parts of your day. It’s where you can find comfort and reassurance that there’s a team in-place caring for your child and where you can learn  what the plan for the day is.

Watch this video to hear more about why attending rounds in the ICU is important when parenting a child with congenital heart disease.