The first time we met, we shook hands.

Hands. Something one never gives much thought to, until that moment when a parent shakes yours.

Your hands are the…

Hands that save lives;

Hands that perform the work of miracles;

Hands that don’t shake or falter;

Hands that carry the strength and weight of the world;

Hands that never tire;

Hands that are steady and measured;

Hands that have comforted families in time of desperate need;

Hands whose job is never done;

Hands that saved my child’s life.

Before I knew you, I lived in blissful ignorance enveloped in the small problems of life that one has without perspective, pretending you didn’t exist. But you do exist, and because of you, I’m able to spend precious moments with my child that otherwise would be lost.

You’ve made my family whole, even when my child’s heart is not.

The most poignant and beautifully crafted words of appreciation can never express my gratitude and how thankful I am for you.

You picked my life up from a million shattered pieces and put my baby’s broken heart back together in a way unique to no other.

You spent hours researching my child’s anatomical structure to be sure you got it right when the time came to make the life changing incision.

You know that having a steady hand and careful approach means the difference between life and death.

You told me you would protect my child like one of your own, and you did.

You are busy, in high-demand, but you always made time to check on my child’s recovery.

Even though you are super-human to me, I know you are human.

I know you feel pain and unimaginable grief when the battle to fight congenital heart disease is lost.

I know you give your patients your everything to help them win this fight.

Through the ups and downs, you continue to spend your life dedicated to saving and serving the lives of others.

You serve humanity in a way that most cannot. For that, I am forever grateful.

These words will never be enough.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “An open letter to pediatric heart surgeons

  1. Thank you for the most touching message. It has been my belief that the medical care for children can be accomplished only when we all can work as a team bound together by the love for them. The parents, medical profession of various disciplines, nursing team, even chaplains have to work in a finest harmony. I am thankful to God who guided me into the care of small children. He was kind and patient for this slow learner and did not give up on me. As the Thanksgiving time is coming, I praise His Name and His Grace forever more. In Him, Hisashi Nikaidoh.


    1. God never makes a mistake. If we look for him during our trials, we will feel of and come to know the love has for us and especially our sweet babies.


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